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se habla español

Mike S.

Just wanted to say a word of gratitude to Dr. Zhu, Evelyn, Dr.Liang, and Dr. Park for all being the outstanding members of my team rooting for me to have the best service and experience. From Dr. Zhu’s perfect Lasik surgical skills to Evelyn’s professional friendliness, to Dr. Liang’s empathy, to Dr. Park’s careful explanations, and everyone’s followups and knowledge were beyond expectation like they actually really care about you and your wellbeing! Make sure to get to know each and one of these people I mentioned and you will know that you’re in good hands and have known you’ve made great long term friends in the process. The rest of the staff were super friendly, helpful, and are ready to assist anytime as well. Entrusting my eyes to them was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. They each deserve a trophy in my book. I can go on and on but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. Highly recommend if you’re even a tad bit interested seek them for a consultation. You won’t regret it. Glad to have 20/20, better yet, 20/15 in 2020!

Gregory M.

Dr. Dagny Zhu runs an incredible operation at HyperSpeed LASIK – NVISION Rowland Heights. I never thought I’d find myself writing a review for a surgery, but here we are. I’m currently early in my dental career – seeing and treating dental patients daily. To say my vision is critical, is an understatement, so I knew I would only be trusting my eyes to the best. After a lifetime of contact lenses and glasses correction, I knew it was time to get it laser corrected and be done with it.

For those of you interested in the academic side of things, Dr. Zhu is well credentialed – a Harvard graduated MD, with Ophthalmology residency at the Doheny Eye Institute / USC & Los Angeles County Medical Center. Her fellowship was at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. If that’s not enough, she still does research and mentors upcoming residents. This level of training and active commitment to the medical community as a whole does not go unnoticed in my book.

Non-academically, Dr. Zhu herself is incredibly personable, and shows an unwavering commitment to her patients – she’s personally followed up with multiple times, and is clearly just as interested in my own vision outcomes as I am. Dr. Zhu is thorough to say the least, and leaves no stone unturned in diagnosis and treatment planning (and this has been true at every appointment – pre-op, post-op and surgery day itself). This level of attention to detail is directly attributable to my vision (which was a significant prescription) being easily correctable and largely healed within days of surgey.

The entire team went out of their way to ensure that appointments were scheduled at my convenience (or rather, the complex schedule of anyone working in Medicine), and were accommodating through out for last minute changes, coordinating payment and benefits, and the whole experience. I’m on a first name basis with much of the staff, and they’ve have turned into a challenge amongst themselves to see who can pronounce my last name correctly (it’s not easy, but they’re rocking it!).

Dr. Zhu is a great eye surgeon, and an awesome human being. I’m absolutely ecstatic about the care I’ve received, and cannot recommend Dr. Zhu and her team any more highly.

Vivienne M.

I cant even express in words the level of gratitude I have for this place, every single person who works here is so professional, Evelyn was so sweet and patient to answer all my questions to make me feel comfortable to have the lasik surgery she was one of the main reasons why I chose this clinic also Dr Zhu was the sweetest MD I have ever met Her soothing voice made the whole process 1000 times better, thank you hyperspeed lasik for my amazing results I was literally able to drive the next day with my 2020 vision without any complications.

Daniel G

Amazing! I got the E-Lasik because I do contact sports and the results are better than I ever expected! Dr. Zhu was very professional and walked me through the procedure the entire time. Evelyn was great at helping arrange everything and making sure I got the best price possible. I see better after the procedure than I ever did with glasses. I’m definitely recommending this place to anyone looking to get Lasik or E-Lasik!

Meky L.


Best decision ever.
Want to give yourself a gift? I high recommend getting LASIK. It will change your life. Had a great experience with Hyperspeed LASIK and would highly recommend to anyone…Dr. Zhu is extremely meticulous and thorough! During the consultation, I wasn’t a good candidate for LASIK due to dry eyes and was recommended for E-LASIK or LASEK. However, after running multiple tests, Dr. Zhu cleared me for LASIK, which has a shorter recovery. Having all the tests ran multiple tims and knowing that Dr. Zhu looked through my charts thoroughly made me feel more comfortable to go through with this procedure. Her staff is also helpful and friendly. Thank you!!

Oscar D.

If you are seeking help to better your vision THIS IS THE PLACE!! I have had horrible vision for the past 5 years and with the help of Hyperspeed LASIK I was able to see 20/20 just an hour after my procedure!!!! I was amazed at the results and had such a wonderful and friendly surgery! Dr. Zhu and her assistants did an amazing job walking me through my procedure and very patient answering all my questions and helping me with every detail I needed to know to care for my new eyesight. Evelyn Magadan (Habla Espanol) was my financial counselor and I couldn’t thank her enough for helping me find a financial way to afford my procedure. She is also bilingual which helped very much inform my parents about my procedure as well. I am very happy I walked into this place I can now enjoy my days and nights out! Thank you Hyperspeed LASIK center!!!

Vivian Y.

“I absolutely do not regret my decision to get LASIK surgery and I’m especially glad that I went to HyperSpeed LASIK! I had Dr. Dagny Zhu perform my surgery and she was so careful with me. She’s so cheerful and will answer any questions you have. She also has amazing credentials (UCLA, Harvard medical school, USC for residency, and did her fellowship at the #1 eye hospital in the world- Bascom Palmer). My healing process was so quick and painless; no discomfort whatsoever! I know everyone heals differently but I feel like a part of it also has to do with how the surgery was performed itself and the machine used. The laser they use is one of the newest lasers that does not use a blade… I’m honestly so grateful to have gone here! The entire staff gave the best level of care I’ve ever experienced…My friends and family can see the happiness i have from this that they’re even considering getting it done at Hyperspeed LASIK! I can’t explain the amazing feeling of waking up and being able to see!

Andrea M.

“I was diagnosed with keratoconus and I was recommended to this center and I’m so grateful that I was. It was very scary when I found out but when I got there the whole staff made me feel comfortable. Dr. Zhu did a great job in explaining what keratoconus is and what options I had available to treat it.
I ended up getting intacs and the surgery went well. Dr. Zhu made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole surgery and I really appreciated that because it was a very scary moment in my life. I highly recommend this place, very professional and friendly. They truly care about your health. I am still in communication with the staff there and they continue to care for my well being and answer any questions I may have.

Michael W.

“Yes, it really is life changing, and I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it is to be able to wake up in the middle of the night and see the time without getting up…Dr. Zhu is very energetic and cares to spend time answering patient questions – not only to make sure the patient is comfortable, but to also make sure that you get the best result possible. To top that, she’s trilingual and it was really impressive hearing her converse to patients in multiple languages… All the other patients (and relatives of patients) I talked to were really happy with both the care she took with the procedure and the results!…In short, Hyperspeed offers a level of service, care and attention that I doubt the other big vision centers could provide.

Leonel R.

“My wife and I visited Hyperspeed Lasik this past Tuesday the 15th to do a follow up for a surgery that we had. The staff was very friendly, professional and attentive especially Evelyn Magadan. Since we had the surgery she explained the process in detail and addressed our concerns going in. She has been taking care of us every step of the way in our recovery. Evelyn and Dr. Zhu have done an excellent job helping us improve our vision and have treated us well. Like family. I highly recommend Dr. Zhu and Evelyn Magadan! Thank you HyperSpeed Lasik!”

Favian S.

“I just had my Lasik surgery with Dr.Zhu, and my results are beyond belief. I can’t believe, I’m able to get up and go without glasses! For anyone that is considering Lasik surgery, or scared to go through with it, please have a consultation with Dr.Zhu, rest assure you’ll be in great hands!”

Jesus N.

“…they brought happiness to my life, before I used high prescribed contact lenses and strong glasses. Now I don’t need them anymore I was -17 with high miopía… now I’m 20/30 I can read near and far without any contacts or glasses. I’m so happy God bless those hands that brought (light) to my eyes and life. God bless Dr. Zhu and of course ALL the staff of professional people from the front desk to the surgeons THANK YOU ALL OF YOU I’ll strongly recommend them Thank you”