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Thank you for all your great questions on my last post ❤️ Let’s bust some more LASIK myths today!

5️⃣ Dry eye is an absolute contraindication – Many LASIK candidates already have some dryness due to contact lens wear (4x more common). Mild and moderate cases can proceed with surgery if appropriately treated with over-the-counter artificial tears or prescription drops beforehand. Dryness is common after surgery but usually mild and temporary, especially in young healthy patients.

6️⃣ Contact lenses are safer than LASIK – Do you know how many contact-lens related infections I’ve seen? Bacteria, fungus, amoeba, you name it! I’ve had to do urgent corneal transplants to save eyeballs. LASIK-related infections are far less common.

7️⃣ All LASIK is the same – Have you ever wondered why the price of LASIK varies so widely from one center to another? Part of the reason is because of technology. Some still use a microkeratome (ie. blade) to cut the cornea instead of a laser. Others use outdated technology that induces more visual symptoms. So the next time you see that attractive Groupon deal, investigate further!

8️⃣ It causes haloes and glare – There was an old paper that reported significant haloes and glare after LASIK in eyes with large pupils. Multiple studies have since debunked that claim (Myung et al. 2013). These days, haloes and glare are almost unheard of with the newest laser technology.

9️⃣ It makes all eyes 20/20 – Oh how I wish this were true! Unfortunately, LASIK is not a magical cure-all. It only takes away your refractive error, ie the prescription in your glasses. If you were only ~20/50 with glasses to start with, you’ll only reach ~20/50 after LASIK. The good news is that your quality of vision will likely be better than what you had with glasses because glasses distort your vision and the newest lasers treat imperfections specific to your eye.

???? It’s too expensive – Have you ever thought about how much you’ll end up paying for glasses and contact lenses over your lifetime? It’s all relative. Plus there are many financing options available with 0% interest.

Anymore questions? Let me know below!


Sarah Smith · 02/28/2019 at 1:31 pm

I really appreciate your information that LASIK eye surgery is safer than using contact lenses when it comes to preventing infections and that there are a lot of 0 interest financing options. My sister and I have had terrible vision since we were young, with both of us requiring glasses since we were 2. We’ll start looking into LASIK surgery services so we can benefit from better and less distorted vision.

Oscar Morrison · 11/12/2019 at 7:18 am

It’s good to know that LASIK has advanced a lot, so it’s safer than used to be and is able to treat specific imperfections in your eye. My wife has glasses, but she’s been complaining about how the frames she has right now hurt her head. I’ve been thinking about surprising her this year by saving up for LASIK instead of another pair of glasses, and we’ll be sure to find a place that can do the job well using current technology.

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