Happy Sunday!! I’m livestreaming the Oscars today and resting up for my 6-day workweek ☺️. I love bundling up on the couch because it has been a record cold with SNOW ❄️ in SoCal! That also means I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints from my patients regarding eye burning, tearing, foreign body sensation, and blurred vision. They worry about infection or a serious problem after surgery, but the most common cause is DRY EYE! ????????
Dry eye is a chronic problem that affects millions of people—especially contact lens wearers, post-menopausal women, and post-eye surgery patients. It’s especially worse in the wintertime because of the cold air outside and the dry heated air inside. Here are some tips to keep your eyes happy ???? and moist ????:
1️⃣ DO NOT USE VISINE! The active ingredient is tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, a chemical that simply constricts blood vessels to temporarily reduce redness. It doesn’t address the underlying problem and only masks it. Your eyes become dependent on it overtime and actually become more red when you stop using it (Rebound effect! ????)
2️⃣ Start with artificial tear lubricants instead. I tell my patients to use the “preservative-free” type to reduce toxicity. These can be used multiple times a day without side effects.
3️⃣ Use a lubricating ointment at bedtime, especially if you wake up with dryness. The ointment is thick and can blur your vision during the day.
4️⃣ Clean your eyelids and lashes as clogged oil glands can lead to dry eye! Omega 3 fish oil supplements can also help.
5️⃣ Use a humidifier at home. Avoid sitting in front of a fan or heater. Take breaks from the computer screen.
6️⃣ If no improvement, see an eye doctor for prescription-strength medications that target the inflammatory pathway of dry eye disease.
Please take care of your eyes ????♥️ and have a wonderful weekend!! #eyehealth

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