Recently, I operated on a little old grandma with cataracts so dense, she could see nothing more than shadows moving across her face. With each step, I could feel my heart in my throat. At the climax of the case, I noticed something unusual—she was humming to herself ????.

It made me pause and smile.

When I told her we had just finished a challenging surgery with great success, she saw me for the first time and cried. She proceeded to sing and cheer throughout the waiting room as other patients watched on. That was just…THE BEST ????.

Some days you will feel exhausted.

Overwhelmed and unappreciated.

And then there are moments like these.

Moments that can’t be captured by an IG story or TikTok video.

Moments that fill your soul and yours alone.

You don’t need millions of views to know that what you’re doing ????????????????????????????.

So grateful to be able to offer our patients sight-restoring treatments ♥️. #lovewhatyoudo #cataractsurgery #ophthalmology

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